Welcome to Seedz.net!

Our goal is to create a community of like-minded people interesting in sharing their hosting services in exchange for getting hosting on other  members' hosting.

Why Join Seedz.net?

Get Higher Rankings With The Very Best Links
I know, "best links" is a matter of opinion. But IMO, the best links are in-context, homepage links on different IP addresses and don't have any know connections between the linking pages. There's other factors, like Hilltop and Trust Rank, which we discuss in the private membership area, but all things considered, it's hard to beat home page links.

More Effective Links Because You Are In Control
Since YOU own the domains, you control your links and content. Homepage links? Site wide links? What anchor text? How many words per page? How many "outbound" links per page? To spin content or not to spin? 75 word posts or 1500 word articles? It's all up to you.

Stay Safe for Long Term Results
Rumors are circulating as I'm typing this, about some of the famous private blog networks being deindexed by Google. If the rumors aren't true now, they could be tomorrow. There are thousands of folks using the same IP addresses. By creating your own Seedz network, your network of IPs will vary greatly from others. Sure, you'll share an IP or two, but not hundreds or thousands. 

Unique Footprints
To Improve Link Wheels

A big problem with much of today's linking strategies is they rely on obvious linking patterns. For example, many SEOers link Squidoo to Hubpages, Hubpages to Blogger, etc. This creates link patterns that Google can easily detect.

By using your own network of sites, you can create totally unique linking patters. For example, create a link network something like this:

Squidoo => Host 1 => Hubpages => Host 2 => Blogger

By adding these unique "stepping stones", you create networks of linking sites that are undectable by Google, greatly enhancing the power of your linking efforts.

Save Money

Make Just One Swap and Your Seedz.net Membership Pays for Itself!

Wide Range of IPs and Other Essential Server Details

Most private blog networks have multiple domains on the same IP addresses. They also often only vary the "C-Block". Teh C-Block is just one part of the IP address.

For example, The bolder numbers below of the C Block of each IP address...But look at the other numbers they share? You don't think Google can detect this simularity?

See the 97.276 part of each sample IP above?

These are the "A Block" and "B Block" of each IP, and they are the same for all 4 of our sample IP addresses. Check out many of the popular private blog networks and you'll find they often only mention seperate C Blocks.

And there's more...The "Domain Name Servers" of DNS is very likely the same. The physical location of the actual server is also something Google can detect. All of these things are factors Google very likely considers when determining the value of links.

When you swap hosting with other Seedz.net members, all of the stuff above will be unique, A and B blocks, DNS, server locations, etc., helping you create even more power for your links.

Relax and Let The Moniterz Tuel Look After Your Network
You also get my custom Windows software "Moniterz" FREE with your Seedz membership. Moniterz checks to see if your sites are up as well as their response times. As your Seedz network grows, Moniterz will look after all your assets alerting you if there's trouble.

More Downloads

From time to time, I'll post custom reports, scripts and downloads for members.

Expert SEO Tips
You're also getting serious tips and advice to help improve your network, as welll as help improve all your linking and on-page SEO efforts.

Enjoy True Community Spirit
As a member of Seedz.net, you'll enjoy being a member of a friendly community with similar interests, with the goal of helping each other. It's much tougher trying to get to the top of the Search Engines on your own. Don't be alone. Let us help.


I'm going to commit the cardinal sin in sales letters and tell you the weakness of this membership: It depends on other people. You will team up with members that don't pay their bill and get their hosting accounts canceled. Other folks may try to spam their sites hosted on your IP address with low quality links, which may be OK if you both agree to it.

Seedz.net has tons of potential to help members dominate the SERPs, but it's up to members like you to comment on and rate other members in a polite and professional manner. If we all put in the time to give fair comments and ratings, we all will benefit greatly. This includes possitive feedback probably even more than the negative stuff.

Rules and Conditions:

By becoming a member of Seedz.net, you agree to the following general rules:

- Within 24 hours of joining, every member must post at least one thread containing their own offers or your membership may be canceled without a refund. If you are not willing to post an offer, please don't join. This is part of the agreement between me and you.

- You must post on the thread you are considering for a swap. You can not just lurk and use the Private Message feature. This is so you can be rated through the forum's Reputation system.

- Please rate threads as well as use the Forum Reputation System to rate your experience with members.

- You must be polite and factual. You may not insult other members. Just state the facts.

- You should have at least the ability for "add on" domains in your hosting account. However, a reselller account is the minimum suggested hosting service.

These are just common sense rules to improve everyone's experience as a Seedz.net member. For example, "having to" post a thread with your hosting exchange offer may seem like a chore. But think about it...Having every member take 5 minutes to post an offer helps every other member by giving all members more variety. So, by requiring you to make an offer thread, you  benefit by having everyone else do the same. I hope you agree.


  Special Limited Time Offer:  

Since Seedz.net is brand new, I'm offering a special one-time membership offer!

Once Seedz.net builds a solid membership base, the price will rise accordingly.

For the first 100 people that promise to post their hosting offer within 24 hours of being accepted...
You'll get a life-time membership for FREE!

Special Announcement:
The first 20 members to post an offer get full access to my MadBomb VIP download area of my DomBom forum for FREE.

Here's the forum that includes tons of strategies, tips and secrets for building content, SEO, linking and more:

To check out all the stuff that's included, such as special reports, powerful CGI/Perl scripts, and one of a kind desktop software and more, visit:

And all you have to do to get all that free stuff is to join Seedz.net and post your own offer thread, taking advantage of all the benefits of trading some hosting space.